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Coolen’s Aquarium and Pet Supply is a locally owned and operated independent pet supply store located in Cobb Corner Plaza, 35 Washington St. Canton, MA 02021
(781) 821-2044
Our goal is to provide you with the best information on caring for your companion pet or aquarium fish and to provide the highest quality products available. We are proud to offer more than 30 brands of all natural, holistic, and raw diets as well as treats made with human grade ingredients for dogs and cats.  See our selections under Brands We Carry. We also carry a large selection of quality toys and chews to choose from.
Bait for the fisherman in everyone includes shiners, worms (Canadian Crawlers, Dillies and Trout Worms), Trout bait, and frozen bait such as clams, squid, mackerel, and poggies along with a selection of basic tackle needs.
Reptiles we carry include animals that are generally easy to handle such as Leopard Geckos, Bearded Dragons, Skinks, snakes like Corn Snakes, Ball Pythons, to Red Tail Boas, and occasionally tortoises such as Red Foot or Greek Tortoises.
While we do not carry birds in our shop we do provide a selection of bird food and supplies including wild bird food for the friends in your back yard.
Mon - Sat 9am - 8pm
Sun 11am-6pm